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Public Speaking by Appointment


Robert makes himself available for speaking engagements for a variety of mental health agencies, both public and private , universities, companies and community groups. Speaking is generally one hour Key-Note or one-hour Workshop focused speaking. Specific topics include: Mental Health Stigma, Starting a Small Business,  Operating a Mental Health Private Practice, General Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Therapy for Individuals with Psychosis or Substance Abuse Disorder, Alternatives to Psychiatric Medications, Modern Harm Reduction Practices,  Alternatives to Twelve Step Treatment, Alternatives to Incarceration, Job Placement Practices for individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities, Living with Mental Illness, How to find the right therapist, Discrimination in the Workplace and specific talks for tailored to the Audience, which include a variety of current and changing topics.


For information on scheduling a Speaking Engagement  contact Robert directly at:


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