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Advocacy Services

I specialize in providing individualized advocacy services to help you navigate roadblocks when dealing with federal, state, county and agency bureaucracies.  Specifically, I can help avoid unfortunate misinformation and wasted valuable time. Specific agencies where advocacy is most helpful is State of California Department of Vocation Rehabilitation (DOR), Social Security and County of San Diego Office of the Public Conservator.  Listed below are some of the ways I can be of assistance. 

  • I am able to provide direct advocacy services between you and an agency or entity where you are experiencing challenges. This will require a signed release of information to permit advocacy services while retaining full confidentiality of clinical treatment services. 

  • I am qualified expert in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation and am able to appear with you in informal hearings, as well as through potential appeals processes. 

  • If I am unable to provide the necessary advocacy services you require, I will make assist you in finding someone who can assist you. 

More about Advocacy ?

 As a Clinical Counselor, one of my professional goals is to help you increase your self-advocacy skills; and while advocacy services are typically not a billable clinical service, the service may fall under approved case management, in some cases.  In other instances, we may agree to a fee arrangement, which takes your ability to pay into consideration. Let me know if you have any questions. 
Robert Price LPCC/


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