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I am an approved Medi-Cal Fee For Service (FFS) provider for San Diego County residents who receive Medi-Cal and meet certain eligibility criteria. Med-Cal beneficiaries in San Diego County are generally required to select an HMO, which is responsible for coordinating all of their health care; although for individuals with unique mental health needs The County of San Diego has contracted with Optum (formerly United Behavioral Health) to determine whether an individual would be better served by seeing a Medi-Cal Fee For Service Provider (a Private Practice Mental Health Clinician). If you have a question about whether you meet criteria, you can call the San Diego County Access and Crisis Line at (888) 724-7240. 

As my practice is located in North Coastal San Diego County, The Access and Crisis Line may also be able to find a therapist who is located closer to you. While I do also provide services by Telehealth, if that is your preference; it is my belief that therapy is more effective when conducted in person, but I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Private Insurance

I am not currently on any Private Insurance Panels, but I am able to provide necessary billing details, if you are under a PPO Insurance. Under PPO, you are responsible for the bill; but your insurance company can reimburse you for approved psychotherapy, up to an allowed amount, according to your specific policy.  I am able to provide the required documentation that your PPO may request to facilitate your reimbursement. As a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LPCC #296 State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences) and an NPI provider (National Provider Identification), I meet all criteria for providing psychotherapy. I also provide marriage or couple counseling; and am able to treat individuals who are having various relationship issues as well as other personal, health or other life challenges. 

Private Pay/Sliding Scale/Office of Social Justice-Mental Health Ministry

I make an effort to provide a limited number of my professional services on a sliding scale basis. The regular rate for psychotherapy is $150 per 45 minute session and I typically recommend at least two visits per month. Under a sliding scale, the per session rate can be reduced and occasionally waived. For more information, I would be happy to email you the agreement I use when arranging a sliding scale payment. I am also a member of the San Diego Catholic Diocese Mental Health Ministry. I make efforts to incorporate aspects of faith into a clinical practice. In order to separate psychotherapy from using aspects of Faith for support. I do not bill for the time spent providing spiritual guidance. 

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